4 in 1 Orbit Roadcase

4in1 Orbit Road Case By Rasha Professional 

  • Lockable Wheels 
  • Smooth Rolling Wheels 
  • Sub-Compartments 

If you're traveling around with 4 of Rasha Professional's Orbit moving head fixtures, then this Orbit Road Case is the lightweight and road-ready transportation solution you've been looking for. It's big enough to hold 4 Orbit figures with handy central storage space for cable, clamps, and other essentials. The extra-tall lid lets you stow your fixtures, without removing their hanging brackets. A stackable setup and locking casters save you serious loading and unloading time.


Dimensions 23.25 x 32 x 23.75 In
Weight 63 Lbs
Weight with Equipment's 135.6 Lbs


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