About Us

Rasha Professional A/S is a comprehensive high-tech company. Rasha Professional develops and manufactures innovative quality lighting fixtures for live production, touring markets, memorable events as well as for permanent installation in theaters, broadcast studios, houses of worship, clubs and mobile event venues.

Rasha Professional offers innovative, compact, quality entertainment lighting fixtures that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete efficient, memorable lighting projects on any budget and creates fast return of your investment.

Rasha’s motto is “QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD”. With this we have secured an excellent record of satisfied clientele. Achieving goals takes a special mix of skills, dedication, planning, and teamwork, perfected by experience. It is all a part of our management approach. Our clients advocate this as well. Innovation and flexibility goes hand in hand. Our goal is “100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and that’s a promise.

Since the beginning, the success of Rasha Professional can be attributed to a great vision, satisfied clients, uncompromising quality and enviable growth.

Focusing on superior customer service, quick order processes and fulfillment of products, Rasha Professional provided the opportunity to leverage its overseas operations by venturing its first branch in San Jacinto, California. Yet, within this short span of time, Rasha Professional has successfully launched the dealer program and continued to serve direct clients in different regions of North and South America.

The Rasha Professional A/S Team will continue to focus on Company Operations to ensure they are providing efficient processes to better serve our clients.

Thank you for considering Rasha Professional for your current and future projects.