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1800 Rustin Ave Riverside, CA 92507

Phone - (951) 654-3585

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Rasha Professional A/S LLC.

1800 Rustin Ave Riverside, CA 92507

Phone - (951) 654-3585

Fax - (951) 394-8480

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Rasha   Professional   A/S   is   a   comprehensive   high-tech   company.   Rasha   Professional   develops   and   manufactures innovative quality lighting fixtures for live   production, touring, memorable   events   as   well   as   for   permanent   installation   in   theaters, studios, houses of worship, clubs, and mobile event venues.


Rasha Professional offers innovative, compact, quality entertainment lighting fixtures that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete efficiently, memorable lighting projects on any budget and creates a fast return of your investment. Rasha’s motto is “QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD”. With this, we have secured an excellent record of satisfied clientele. Achieving goals takes a special mix of skills, dedication, planning, and teamwork, perfected by experience.  It is all a part of our management approach.   Our clients advocate this as well.   Innovation and flexibility go hand in hand. Our goal is “100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and that’s a promise.


In the beginning, the success of Rasha Professional can be attributed to a great vision, satisfied clients, uncompromising quality, and enviable growth. Focusing on superior customer service, quick order processes, and fulfillment of products. Rasha Professional  has  successfully  launched  the  dealer  program  and  continued  to  serve  direct  clients in different regions of North and South America. Always innovating and expanding into any of the consumer’s needs, from Truss to LED Video Panels.


The Rasha Professional A/S Team will continue to focus on Company Operations to ensure they are providing efficient processes to better serve our clients.