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    Product Code: Rasha Knot

    A Versatile & Innovative Solution

    • 5X RGB color mixing. 
    • Multi-directional.
    • 360-degree form of protection. 
    • Dynamic and graphic content.


    Product Code: Rasha Knot

    A Versatile & Innovative Solution

    • 5X RGB color mixing. 
    • Multi-directional.
    • 360-degree form of protection. 
    • Dynamic and graphic content.


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    Introducing the revolutionary product, "The Knot," a dynamic and visually captivating LED scenography set that allows users to create stunning graphic content. The Knot comprises interconnected LED spheres controlled pixel by pixel, offering endless possibilities for artistic expression.

    Each set includes one controller with five outputs, along with 30 individual LED spheres. The controller's outputs can extend up to 6 meters in length, with a pitch of 200 mm, accommodating approximately 50 spheres in total. Inside the controller box, power and control drivers are intelligently positioned, providing efficient and centralized management of the LED spheres.

    The user-friendly LCD interface on the controller allows for seamless configuration, enabling users to assign DMX addresses and activate various modes, including the auto mode, which features up to 30 built-in programs with speed control. Additionally, the Knot supports slave/master configurations and network settings via the Art-Net/KingNet protocol, facilitating pixel mapping for precise and intricate animations.

    The Knot's versatility knows no bounds, making it an ideal choice for multidirectional and 3D animation. Its unique spherical shape ensures a 360-degree form of protection for the LEDs, enhancing durability and reliability in various environments.

    Highlights :
    Dynamic LED Scenography: The Knot offers the creation of dynamic and graphic content, providing visually captivating scenes for various settings.
    Pixel-Controlled Spheres: Each LED sphere is controlled individually, enabling precise and intricate animations.
    Versatile Modes: Auto mode with built-in programs and speed control, slave/master configurations, and network settings via Art-Net/KingNet protocol.
    360-Degree Protection: The spherical shape of the LED spheres ensures robust protection, enhancing the fixture's durability.
    Endless Creativity: The Knot's versatility allows for the creation of spectacular forms and designs, catering to the most imaginative concepts.
    Wide Range of Applications: Ideal for TV studios, clubs, fairs, showrooms, and various fixed installations.
    Technical Specification


    Weight 0.352lbs
    Dimensions78.74016in x 118in
    Sphere Diameter1.96in


    Color Mixing RGB
    Strobe & Pulse Effect Variable Speed & Action, Random Strobe
    Electronic Dimming Instant Open & Blackout


    Light Source5 RGB Full Color


    Control OptionsDMX, Auto, Art-net, Kling- Net, Master Slave
    DMX Channels8Ch
    Controller RequireKnot Bar


    Body ColorWhite
    Protection RatingIP20


    Input VoltageAC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
    Life Span Expectancy>50,000 Hours


    LocationIndoor, Outdoor


    DMX data in/thru4 Pin Locking In/Out

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