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RXP4 LED Video Screen

RXP4(Rasha Exterior pitch 4) is a curve-able outdoor Led video stage screen. RXP4 features higher refreshing rate, ultra slim, high brightness, compact size and fast assemble and disassemble. RXP4 LED video screen especially designed for outdoor/indoor backstage/front stage, such as in Music festival/concert, wedding events, promotion and corporate events, house of worship, sports venue, Theater, hotels, shopping mall.

RXP4 LED Video Display

Four High Technologies & Point-to-Point Correction

The dispaly features fours hight technologies and point-to-point correcting. High refresh rate, high gray scale level, hight definition and hight contrast rate present excellent quality picture output in every condition

Led video display screenPoor display performance with low grayscale
Led video display screen
Good display performance with low grayscale

High Brightness / Definition / IP65

RXP4 features High brightness and high definition to ensure great quality video/picture , which its great for the outdoors and indoors. The Weatherproof feature protects the panels from rain and dust making it safe for outdoor area. The IP Rating of IP65 ensures safety , reliability, and a great quality graphic output in every condition.

RXP4 Led Screen

Outstanding Design

Features High-Brightness and High-Definition feature of RXP ensures great quality video/picture , which its great for the outdoor and indoor.

RXP4 High Brightness LED Video

Seamless Joins 

Seamless board joints to create a stunning image from any angle the audience might be. 

RXP4 LED video
RXP4 Equsite Craft Led Display

Installation Procedure Of Indoor Rental Led Display

Preparation Before Installation

Installation procedure of RXP4
Installation procedure of RXP4


Installation Procedure

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