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Pin Spots are light fixtures integrated with a specialized bulb inside that provide narrow spotli...

Pin Spots are light fixtures integrated with a specialized bulb inside that provide narrow spotlights. The pin spot lights are generally secured to a freestanding support, and they are then focused by professional installers to maximize the impact. Pin Spots are generally used for lighting centerpieces, buffets, cake tables and floral arrangements.

If you have been searching for stunning lights that can make a particular centerpiece pop, then these advanced pin spot lights can illuminate the centre of any arrangement perfectly. Rasha Pin Spot bar is a battery-operated pin spot that makes the process of creating a dramatic effect even more convenient. These fixtures are, in fact, perfect for events, shows and clubs where objects need to be highlighted through a pin spotlight. For added flexibility, Rasha Pin Spot bar is incorporated with flexible heads, which specifically bend at projection angles and help the light to focus on your favourite object or people in a spontaneous and fun way.

Features of Pin Spots

  • Battery powered
  • Remote controlled
  • Produces laser-like beam
  • Mid-air effects with incredible output

Benefits of Pin Spot Lights

  • Easy to Handle
  • Compact and portable
  • Flexible heads for convenient projection angles
  • Ideal for soft edge projection
  • Easy fixture for clubs, events, parties or stage program

A significant thing about pin spots is that these lights are available in a variety of designs. Thus, you always have an opportunity to choose the one that caters to your personal preferences. If you go for a themed party, you definitely do not want your guests to be blinded by harsh lighting. Additionally, Pin Spotlights also create drama in a dark room with light pools.

If you’ve always aspired to have a stunning venue that leaves your guests delighted and amazed, pin spots can make your dream come true. Rasha Professional has a team of experts that provides excellent pin-spot lights. We have always been appreciated for employing advanced techniques and approaches to provide state-of-the-art pin spot lighting experience to our clients.

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