Be part of an exclusive fast-growing entrepreneurs who decided to join the new wave and to provide their customers a variety of products at the best value with the best

Reseller Benefits
Over 100 lighting options, from our hot-seller the Bullet 10W Pinspot to our powerful Kryos Pro Beam that brings you the latest technology in optics.

As a Rasha Professional partner, you have a unique advantage to gain the expertise and knowledge to guide your customers towards business success.

Business Rewards

Partnership with Rasha Professional will give you a range of benefits, including partneronly training and events access to roadmaps and resources, co-selling opportunities and

Competitive Advantage

Demonstrate your affiliation with Rasha Professional and use it to differentiate yourself from others.

RashaTechnology Provider

If you resell or recommend technology products to your customers join Intel technology provider and receive a host of partnership benefits, in support ,training and exclusive member-only

Rasha Inside Programs

The Intel Inside program reimburses you for advertisements that features qualified products and Intel Inside logos.

RashaResource & Design Center

Find in depth technical contents tools and community resources for embeded designers.

RashaInternet of Things Solutions Alliance

Find out how Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance members can help you speed up your design efforts.

Rasha Cloud Insider Programs

Deepen your expertise and efficiency in the cloud with the Intel Cloud Insider Program designed to help you reach the next level in your cloud strategy,whether you are offering clouds Platforms,SaaS applications,cloud storage solutions or other cloud

RashaAuthorised Distributor

Access to the Rasha Professional Center by invitation only. Please contact your account manager if you work for a Rasha Professional Authorized Distributor or Rasha Professional Approved Supplier and would like

reseller benefits

Reseller Certified

sales support

Qualified Lead Generation Program Check Check Check
Sales Engineering Support Check Check Check
Project Registraion Incentives Check Check Check
Demo Equitment Program Check Check Check
Marketing Support Check Check Check

marketing support

Secure Access to Rasha Professional Portal Check Check Check
Welcome Kit & Partner Recognition Certificate Check Check Check
Customer Story Production & Press Coverage Check Check Check
Co-Marketing Opportunities Check Check Check
Marketing Collateral Check Check Uncheck

technical support & product education

Prioritzed Partner Support Check Uncheck Check
Special Product Training Discount Check Check Check

reseller requirments

Reseller Certified
Approved Rasha Professional Reseller Application Check Check Check
Annual Sales & Marketing Plan with Quaterly Review Check Check Check
Qualified Experience (Based on Number of sales) Uncheck Check Check
Minimum Purchase Commitment Check Check Check
Rasha Professional Sales and Product Training Check Check Check
Certification Training Check Check Check
Resources to provide end-user support Check Check Check
Resellers Application

Disclaimer and Privacy Notice: This document is an application form. Its purpose is to ensure that the Rasha Professional A/S brand is represented by suitable businesses. Rasha requires all applicants to complete a Resellers Application form. The information provided will be treated confidentially and used solely for the purpose of selecting the right partners for our brand. Any investment and expenditure made by Authorized Dealer contract are at the applicants sole risk and do not in anyway obligate Rasha Professional A/S.
A Resellers Application (Application) must be reviewed by a Rasha Professional A/S Sales Manager. Please allow approximately 30 days for review and process of your Application.

Please be advised that under no circumstances does the submittal of your Application to Rasha Professional A/S LLC. Review and processing do not imply in any manner Rasha Professional A/S LLC's intention to approve you as a Rasha Professional Authorized Reseller.

The Applicant shall not be deemed to be an Authorized Reseller by Rasha Professional A/S LLC unless and until the full execution of a new or updated Resellers Contract(s). No employee or agent of Rasha Professional A/S LLC has the authority to waive or otherwise deviate from the foregoing procedures and should any deviation from the Application procedure occur, the waiver or deviation from the Application procedure shall not be binding upon Rasha Professional A/S LLC.


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If you presently own, operate, and/or control a business(es), please complete the below information on such business(es). If you own/control more than one business, list your primary business and use the below note section to describe your other business

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Last years Gross Sales
Plan of Action
Product line
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Entertainment Lights
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Wall Washers
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  1. Confirm that the information given in this form is in all aspects true and correct.
  2. Authorize Rasha Professional A/S to make inquiries and check references to confirm provided information.
  3. Understand that the data provided will be held securely in confidence and processed for the purpose of carrying out our business and associated activities.