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Rasha Professional to Exhibit its Products at the NAMM Show 2018

Anaheim, California

Rasha Professional, the global leader in innovative lighting products, is all set to showcase its exclusive lighting solutions at the NAMM Show that is scheduled to be held from 25-28 January 2018 in Anaheim, California. The NAMM Show is a celebrated platform for music, sound and event technology. It is aimed at promoting the benefits of making music.

The occasion will be a great opportunity for customers to visit the booth #12802 and grab some of the most stylish lights in the industry.

Like always, this year too, the NAMM show will display the largest range of products as it aims to attract popular musicians and enterprises to promote their signature models and equipment. Participating in the NAMM Show is a massive milestone for Rasha Professional as it seeks to expand its network.

Rasha is coming up with an exclusive lucky draw offer at the NAMM Show.The offer is valid from 25-27 January and the winner will be announced on 27 January. There are 2 offers: Giveaway and Bumper.

  • Giveaway Offer: In this offer, all you need to do is to grab an entry batch and get it scanned. Once your batch gets scanned, you get one ticket (that is, one point). If you have a visiting card, you get two tickets (two points). When you get the batch and visiting card scanned together, you get three tickets (three points).The more tickets you have, the chances of winning the Giveaway Offer increases. The first three winners of the Giveaway Offer will get a Bullet Pin Spot Light and the 4th winner will get a Hex Core.
  • Bumper Offer: In this offer, you simply need to visit the booth #12802 and check out the products. When you normally book or purchase a product worth $788, you will get one ticket (one point). If the price of the product booked or purchased is more than $788, you get two tickets (two points) for the Bumper Offer.The winners of the Bumper Offer have an opportunity to win one of the following products: Kryos Pro, Cybrid, Kryos and Kaboom 550. If you purchase products for less than $788, you can still be eligible for the Giveaway Offer!

Rasha Professional has always been known for providing energy-efficient LED fixtures that cater to the lighting requirements for events, theaters, houses of worship, bands and live events. The extensive range of lights to be showcased at the NAMM Show includes: