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Aquos, battery-powered, Waterproof, Wireless Fixture that removes headache of running cables at events – Aquos reduce set-up/tear up time, while save money, improve safety, and save from unconditional weather change such as rain or snow. Based on durable, high-power LEDs, Aquos offers years of energy-efficient service. Power is stored in a rechargeable lithium battery, a tried and tested technology found in many portable consumer devices such as mobile phones. The battery is lightweight making the fixture easy to carry. The battery eliminates the need for mains power, and each fixture can be programmed without needing to use cables. Each fixture has a wireless onboard data receiver, Infrared Receivers, so several fixtures can be synchronized at once wirelessly. For those that prefer, Aquos can also be cable-connected to the grid and programmed using standard DMX cables. Aquos are user friendly and fully programmable. Users can select show from a display screen as well as a number of pre-programmed, colors. Multi- color Leds chips can produce, single Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, plus UV color separately as well as mix of millions different colors.


  • Built in wireless DMX receiver/repeater concealed in fixture
  • Create rich colors and pastels with RGBAWUV color led chips
  • Battery life: 8 hours (at full power), 16 hours (when color changing)
  • IP65, with 4 touch buttons and LCD display
  • Create coordinated light shows by linking other fixtures in master/slave mode
  • 38 pre set static color, Fade and show mode.
  • 5 types of customize color effect set and save function
  • 4 Types of the dimmer curves
  • Protection rating: IP65 for use outdoors
  • Extend the battery life span with built-in discharge protection

Technical Information



  • Weight 4.98 kg(11.2lbs)
  • Dimensions 209 x 209 x 196 mm (8.25x 8.25in x7.75in)


  • Color mixing RGBAWUV
  • Staticc color 34 color presets
  • Electronic dimming 0-100%
  • Strobe and pulse effects Variable speed and action, random strobe
  • Electronic shutter effect Instant open and blackout


  • Light source 9 x 18 W RGBAW UV LED Chips
  • LEDs Beam angle 25/40° Minimum
  • LED lifetime 50 000 hours (to >70% luminous output)


  • Control options DMX, stand-alone Sound active, Auto, Static Mode, Wireless
  • Dmx Channels 7/12(selectable from display menu)
  • Stand-alone trigger options Music trig, auto trig, Linkable
  • Standalone built-in shows Random, preset colors, or variable fade
  • Settings, addressing and programming Control panel with LED display
  • Sound activation Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • DMX compliance USITT DMX512 or DMX 512 Universal
  • Wireless Dmx Transmitter compliance UniversalDMX 512-2.4 GHz with 7 groups


  • Color(s) Black/White
  • Pritection rating IP20


  • Adjustable mounting yoke
  • DMX Cable 3 or 5 in 1 M
  • Power cable 1.5M


  • Narrow beam angle kit (diffuser sheet P/N 892160
  • Medium beam angle kit (diffuser sheet) P/N 892161
  • Wide beam angle kit (diffuser sheet): P/N 892162
  • 3M US Power cable P/N 890113
  • Safety eyebolt P/N 890110
  • 3-pin male XLR connector 5M P/N 890103
  • 6 in 1 power and cooling system road case P/N 901306
  • 12 in 1 power and cooling system road case P/N 901307
  • 12 or above stackable road case P/N 901308


  • RP-C6V9BWTM, Natural packing Box P/N 819162
  • RP-C6V9BWTM, White color packing Box P/N 819163
  • RP-C6V9WTM, Power & Cooling system flight/road case .P/N 819164

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