Why You Should Never Ignore Lighting Accessories

Accessories associated with products are often considered unworthy. Many hold the view that it is unnecessary to spend money on them. This may be true for some products; however, when it comes to lighting fixtures, no one can deny their significance.

In most cases, professional lighting fixtures are not installed permanently and are carried frequently from one place to another. The lighting team keeps them moving, depending on the venue where they are to be placed. Hence, costly fixtures either get assembled or dissembled or are on the go.

This fact makes lighting fixtures vulnerable to damages. Besides, trouble-free installation of these fixtures at different locations requires one to have certain tools like clamps, cables, safety chains etc. All this makes a strong case for lighting accessories to be included in your checklist when you head to a site next time.

Below are some of the accessories that you must have in your inventory:

Road Cases

If you want longevity in your fixtures, road cases are a must for you. They provide a convenient and safe place for your products and save them from shocks and blows during transportation. Fitted with wheels, they make transportation easy and hassle-free. Besides, they also have a wheel lock to remain stable at any given position.

Rasha Lighting Accessories

Apart from road cases suitable for different fixtures, one can also find charging road cases for wireless fixtures. The latter proves to be a real saviour and helps you charge batteries without getting entangled in a mesh of wires.


Mounting heavy fixtures at the right place is always a challenge. However, with various kinds of clamps making their way into the market, you can choose the best according to your need. Weighing as less as 1 pound, they have the potential to hold a 1000- pound fixture. Clamps are ideal for DJs and theatres.

Rasha Lighting Accessories

Remotes, Show Master and Cables

Remotes save the day when one needs to constantly change the pattern of lights emerging from a set of fixtures. Besides, all kinds of cables like Power Jumper, Edison to IE Power Cord, Power Con, DMX cable etc. should be available with you as you never know what could come in handy and any given point of time. Show Master allows you to create a show sequence and helps you manage your libraries.

Rasha Lighting Accessories

To sum it up, all the accessories related to lighting fixtures are of great use and make your job extremely easy.

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