All You Need to Know About DJ Lighting Techniques

Lighting equipment is a significant constituent of a DJ performance that can really set the right atmosphere for the occasion. With the advancement of technology, lighting equipment has become affordable even for DJs who are just beginning their own venture. Moreover, DJs now also have an opportunity to purchase a combination of pieces to add more versatility to their performances.

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In this post, we’ve put together a few important lighting techniques that you need to consider to make your DJ show all the more worthwhile.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Use Color:

Colorful lights make for an easy way to build more energy in any event. Rasha Professional’s Moving Head Lights are integrated with innovative wash effect fixtures that mix colors adequately and create a bright light due to the efficient optical pathway. Apart from adding color, moving head lights also provide an advanced array of visual effects such as pan, tilt, strove, prism and many more. These fixtures help you organize an extended event without letting your audience see the same look twice.

2. Go for Lighting Effects:

These days, the market is flooded with effect lighting that does not just focus on a single area or act as a spotlight; instead, these specific lights are ideally designed to create the right mood. For instance, Strobe Lights are the an absolute necessity if you are organizing an EDM-based event. Again, for creating the same effects, you can also use lighting fixtures with adjustable shutter speed.Laser Lights can also emit a narrow beam of light and easily display a variety of colors.

3. Create Atmospheric Effects:

In DJ lighting, the importance of fog, haze and other atmospheric effects need not be overstated. It can, in fact, make a huge difference to how a DJ and their lighting are perceived. By adding fog or haze, you can fill the air with light. Atmospheric effects, in turn, offer an immersive experience to the audience.

4. Install Battery/Wireless Lights:

Battery-operated LED lights have become a popular choice for DJ lighting. These wireless fixtures are waterproof, have the lower maintenance cost, offer improved safety, and consume less energy. These lights are also resistant to unexpected weather changes and can, thus, be installed almost anywhere.

dj lighting

Lighting adds dimension and depth to any DJ show and is an integral part of every DJ’s package. When it comes to lighting, there are multiple options and it is important to select the right ones. The above-stated lighting techniques, if implemented successfully, shall definitely make a marked difference.

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