What to Look Out for While Choosing Lights for Your Mobile Events?

Mobile events have become one of the most effective ways to market products and raise their appeal among masses. Unlike the process of inviting people toward your merchandise, the effort made for taking it toward the target audience is relatively easier and far more effective.

However, the success of any mobile event depends on many factors including location, the presence of the targeted customers, attractive set-up created to attract the audience, impeccable lighting etc. Unless all the elements work in tandem, a mobile event may fail to achieve its intended goal.

This blog discusses the factors that you must consider while choosing lights for your mobile events in order to make them a big success:

1. Go for Exterior Lights

As mobile events usually happen out in the open, it is important to use lights that can withstand the challenge of operating under the sky. The casing of your lights must have high impact protection (IK) and ingress protection (IP) ratings to offer protection against the expected blows that are likely to be received while being on the move as well as rainwater that may make its way into the casing and spoil it.

Rasha Mobile event lighting

IP65 is a basic weatherproof light that you must choose to make your lighting instruments resistant to water and dust.

2. Use Pin Spots

Pin spots are lights that are used to highlight a designated space and make it stand out from the rest. In exhibitions, pin spots are directed at products to drive people’s attention toward them. For your mobile events, you must use pin spots to steer your target audience’s gaze to the things you would like them to look at first.

Rasha Mobile event lighting

It could be your message, it could be your product or it could be anything else. Use multiple pin spots to create an interesting effect.

3. Opt for Wireless Lighting

Moving events naturally come with their own share of hassles. The difficulties associated with transporting the equipment, setting them up with perfection at an unfamiliar place, managing power sources, and making them hazard-free indeed make the whole affair a bit complicated.

Rasha Mobile event lighting

By using wireless lighting, at least, you can do away with one of the issues i.e. working around a mess of wires, which is not just untidy but that also has the potential to pose a risk.

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