Impeccable lighting is nothing short of a soul of any sporting event. Poorly lit stadiums and disparate lighting, on the one hand, will make players and audience struggle to concentrate on the game, whereas on the other hand excessive brightness and glare will hamper the natural vision, eventually affecting the players’ performance. The situation can only be assuaged with meticulously balanced lighting.

Here are a few secrets to LED Sports Lighting you would yearn someone had told you earlier.

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Thoroughly Ensure Homogeneity

Make sure the lights are uniform in the whole stadium or the place wherever the game is being played. Homogeneity is key, particularly in sports involving fast moving objects like balls. This is because if an object travels from dark to light zone or vice versa, its speed would appear to be different than the actual and hence players would find it difficult to accurately judge its speed and flight. If undetected, it can cause big trouble; however, it can be easily mitigated by ensuring uniformity.

Switch to LED Sports Lighting Fixtures

It is high time that you switch to LED rather than the old fluorescent lightings. The revolution in LED technology has now made it possible to illuminate even the biggest of the sporting areas. The clearer and flicker-free effect of LEDs make them absolutely necessary for all sorts of sports. Besides, LED lights to come up with integrated control systems, which make customization an effortless job. And on top of it, LED sports lighting fixtures are way cheaper and reduce the operations cost by a whopping 50 percent.

Never Ignore the Impact Protection and Ingress
Protection Factors

In simple words, impact protection (IK) and ingress protection (IP) ratings denote the level of resistance provided by enclosures against external elements.While IK denotes the degree of protection against mechanical impacts, gives you a good idea about the protection on offer from dust, solid objects, and water. The higher the IK and IP, the more robust your lighting fixtures would be. IK is generally to be kept higher for enclosures used in halls or smaller areas because of their being prone to mechanical pushes and pulls, whereas IP should be higher for enclosures in stadiums and grounds where there is a possibility of water and dust to creep in.

Beware of the Obtrusive Light

You are spending money to illuminate a particular area, then why allow it to brighten areas which are not required? Most of the time, the floodlights and other illuminating equipment, apart from lighting the stadium, also spill over the light to nearby residential areas resulting in light pollution. A meticulously installed LED sports lighting equipment can ensure that your every penny is well utilized. This can be assured by keeping the main beam angle of lights less than 70 degrees for any observer.

sports lighting - Rasha Professional

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