3 Theater Lighting Basics That You Cannot Afford To Not Know

To imagine an audience applauding the impeccable lighting and perfect ambience of a theatre post an engaging play will probably be a hypothetical scenario. However, this does not mean that lighting does not carry weight and can be ignored. Good lighting may not get any recognition; however, a badly lit theatre will no doubt work to the detriment of your event. Lighting is crucial for the success of any theatre performance and there are a few basics pertaining to theatre lighting that you should be aware of, no matter whether you are directly associated with a play as an actor or a director or belong to the lighting team.

Here is a quick run-down of 3theater lighting basics that you cannot afford to remain oblivious of:

1. Make Sure the Lighting Crew Knows the Play

A great piece of work can only be created through perfect coordination between different players working on different aspects. As mentioned earlier, theatre lighting is an inseparable part of plays, and an impeccable combination of the two does wonders. So, make sure that your lighting crew is aware of not just a few scenes, but the complete theme and plot of your play and comprehends the idea fully, which will lead to better results. An oblivious or misinformed lighting crew is often responsible fora glitch-ridden play.

2. Save Money and Time by Using Pattern Lights

Creating natural scenes like a starry sky, flowers, windowsetc.in a play is necessary. Many opt to actually build them on sets; however, besides being cumbersome, they also burn a big hole in one’s pocket. You can save money and effort by using Gobos and get the required patterns for setting up your scenes.

3. Use Lighting as Your Arsenal

Colors have a direct correlation with thoughts and emotions. People associate colors with their state of mind. Ensure that you make optimum utilization of lights to transport your audience to the state that you’d want them to be in. Lighting like LED flat par light, par can, pin spots, gobos etc. should be used to create the required effect.

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