Event Planning: 5 Mistakes to Identify and Avoid

If you’ve been planning to organize a major event, one of the most significant things that you need to consider is lighting. However, with so many things to take care of, lighting can almost be forgotten until the last minute. Many novice event planners commit some common mistakes. Before you assume that event lighting is simply about hanging up a string of lights or installing a few spotlights, you must think again.

Going for the right lighting is something far more complicated and needs careful consideration.

We have, therefore, drafted a handy guide consisting of the 5common mistakes to identify and avoid in event planning:

1. Not Inspecting the Venue

Before you work on the lighting arrangement, it’s always important to have a close look at the venue where the lights will be installed. Unless your venue is large and open and gets optimal amount of natural light, you’ll definitely require sufficient lighting.If it’s an enclosed space, make sure there are no dark spots and poor lights during the event. Always go for an adequate floor plan to identify the areas where you can install proper lights.

2. Not Knowing About Accessible Power Wattage Precisely

Before you choose your lighting solutions, you need to know whether you have sufficient wattage to power them. Have precise knowledge about your wattage capacity, or contact a professional lighting company to learn about the amount of power you’ll need to keep all your luminous devices properly lit.

3. Not Measuring the Lighting Wires before Installation

This is one of the most common mistakes made by event planners. Whatever light you choose, make sure you measure the distance the lights have to reach. Also, consider the power strips and extension cords that will be used to supply electricity to the lights. To do away with this hassle, you can always opt for battery wireless lights.

4. Allowing Entertainers to Decide the Lighting

Though many bands offer lighting as a part of their package, it’s always better to avoid going for this option. An entertainer normally has expertise is in their craft and not in lighting up an event as such. Instead, go for someone who specializes in event lighting. This will help you in getting exactly the kind of event lighting that you might have been looking for.

5. Failing to Test the Lights First

No matter what type of lights you choose, make sure that you have ample time to test them and ensure that they are functional. Also, don’t leave it until the eleventh hour as anything that is not working should be fixed immediately.

Event lighting - Rasha Professional

A well-lit event enhances the ambience and mood of the venue it is conducted in. Keeping your audience engaged requires thought, planning, and creativity. So, don’t just stick to basic planning but make efforts to wow your attendees with dynamic lighting styles and offer a memorable experience to them.

For professional lighting solutions, you can always reach out to Rasha Professional and get technologically advanced products without shelling out an excessive amount of money.

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