5 Factors Why Lighting is Important in Theaters

Unlike a book, one cannot rely on the imagination of the audience especially, when it comes to theater lighting. There are multiple elements such as stage scenery, actors, costumes, direction, and a plot that bring characters to life. Lighting, in fact, plays a dominant role in enhancing all these elements. It is critical and yet one of the most underappreciated parts of any theater production. The truth is that lighting pulls all the elements of the play together and helps in conveying the message.

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Today, technology plays a huge role in making it easier to enhance a set. Advanced tools such as wireless dimmers and wireless DMX are particularly useful in theater lighting productions.

In this post, let’s take a look at 5 significant factors why lighting is important in theaters:

1. Sets the Perfect Mood

Lights are the most trusted way to establish the setting of a play. It is lighting that clearly sets the tone for a given scene or play. Natural light can offer a sense of normalcy whereas; multiple colors can be used to enhance the emotional aspects of a performance. For instance, blue could denote sadness whereas; a greenish tint can signify jealousy. Drama and shadows can also be created for tense moments.

2. Creates a Flawless Effect

It’s crucial that the lights are placed accurately to create the desired effect. Some of the innovative lights include LED Flat Par Light, Par Can, Exterior/Waterproof lights, Battery/Wireless, Pin Spots, and Lights for Atmospheric Effect. Modern-day gobos are equally helpful in setting the desired effect.

3. Generates the Accurate Time and Space

Lighting plays a vital role in establishing the time and place of a play. For instance, it’s lighting that tells the audience what time of the day or year it is. To be precise, lighting sets the location of your presentation. It sets whether the action takes place inside or outside, a day or night.

4. Enhances Visibility

The chief purpose of theatrical lighting is to ensure that the actors are visible. It is through lighting that you can help the audience see exactly what you want them to see. Visibility may seem obvious but it is crucial that all the areas of the stage and all the actors are clearly visible.

5. Increases Focus

The absence of light can be a great tool too. Lighting designers can easily darken certain portions of the stage and illuminate particular areas, thereby directing the attention of the audience.

Rasha Theater Lighting

Certainly, classic works of literature appear excellent when performed under fluorescent lights. In a controlled stage production, however, lighting can help to emphasize the story. If you’ve been looking for premium lighting solutions, Rasha Professional is a perfect choice. The company has been known for offering the latest and most energy-efficient lighting products. All the products at Rasha Professional are manufactured to cater to the industry standards.

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