How to Enhance the Look of Your Stage by Using Professional Lights?

Stage lighting is an exhaustive field in itself and it takes a lot of knowledge, proficiency, and experience to light up a stage mesmerizingly. Be it moving head light, flat par lights, par can light, or pins spot lights, one must be well aware of their diverse functions and have the working knowledge of how they can be controlled using a DMX or otherwise for a scintillating experience.

It is nearly impossible to mention the nitty-gritty in this short blog; however, you can get a basic idea of what it takes to light up a stage and the kind of lights that can be used to enhance the overall look and feel.

Let us get down to the essentials:

1. Use Wash Effect Appropriately In Stage Lighting

Wash effect, in simple terms, is referred to the splash of light that makes a place colorful. The word wash is used because it literally feels as if colors have washed an entire area. Generally, a wash effect is created with lighting equipment having a very wide beam angle so that light spreads indiscriminately in the whole area. Stages must-have moving head wash light effects as they give the overall appeal a boost and are pleasing to the eye. Rasha Professional has a wide array of professional lights, including those that can produce an exceptional wash effect.


MATRIX GAR is one of its splendid LED wash light panels that are capable of producing a wash, which is a creative mix of multiple colors. On account of its wide beam angle and the adjustable electronic strobe and dimmer, MATRIX GAR is highly popular among professionals.

Rasha Stage lighting

2. Make Good Use of Narrow Beams In Stage Light

Nothing enlivens an atmosphere and entices an audience more than narrow beams of lights that tend to dance over people’s heads. The narrow beams of lights can be flashed with their beam-width to make them livelier. In addition to this, gobos may be used to project different designs.


CHAOS is another exceptional product from Rasha Professional that has an unlimited pan rotation feature and can project 9 intense narrow beams of lights of different colors at the same time. With a beam angle of 5 degrees, Chaos produces narrow, yet powerful beams of light.

Rasha Stage lighting

3. Use Par Cans to Light Up the Front of Your Stage

Par cans are widely used in theaters, concerts, and live events. Though they can be used in a lot of creative ways, they generally work best when it comes to lighting up the front and the back wall of a stage.


RODIE HEX is a carefully designed; zero noise par can light with RGBAWUV color mixing. Being LED and rich in color makes it very efficient and effective in lighting up stages.

Rasha Stage lighting

Rasha Professional, one of the leading manufacturers and designers of professional lighting solutions in America, has an extensive gamut of lighting equipment that can be used for different purposes and at various places. Check out the complete list of products on

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