Different Types of Moving Head Lights for DJ Events and Nightclubs

Today, moving or rotating head lights are widely used in DJ parties and nightclubs. Though they first made their appearance in the 80s, the trend began to take stronger roots in the late 90swhen the cost of these lights dropped significantly. At the moment, the lighting industry is replete with a wide variety of moving heads, which, when made to work in tandem with other lights, can produce a mesmerizing output.

This blog is about the three different types of moving head lights, whose combined use is becoming more popular among music enthusiasts, party goers, and those who love letting their hair down on the dance floor.

The 3 variants are as follows:

1. Beam Type

As the name suggests, beam type refers to those moving head lights that have a small beam angle, which results in a narrow beam of light that is basically used to produce an aerial effect. It is certainly not used to make projections on walls.

Moving Head DJ and Nightclub Beam Lights

Beam type produces a single-colored beam at a time, though the number of colors a beam type can produce depends on its configuration. Moving Head Beam lights need fog or haze so that the beam produced by them becomes visible and more enchanting.

2. Spot Type

The principle difference between a beam and a spot is that the latter has a much wider beam angle, because of which the beam of light becomes wider as it moves away from the light source.

Moving Head DJ and Nightclub Spot Light

The wider beam angle makes spot type suitable to be used for projections on a stage wall or the roof of a dance floor. Hence, this type of moving head spot lighting fixture is widely used with gobos to produce an enhanced effect. Naturally, it is not dependent on fog or haze as spot type is not used to produce an aerial effect.

3.Wash Type

It is completely different from the above two. Wash types have a very wide beam angle, so much so that you cannot recognize the beam in the light. It is called wash because it blows light all over a place and produces a very different effect.Moving Head Wash Light is widely used in DJ events and it makes the atmosphere livelier by literally washing the entire area with colors.

Moving Head DJ and Nightclub Wash Light

There are certain moving head lights, which come with all the three types viz. beam, spot, and wash, combined into one. However, many moving head lights can perform the role of a beam type and a spot type because of the adjustable beam angle option. Rasha Professional, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of professional lighting, has its own unique array of moving head lights, ranging from beam to spot to wash.

Some of its exceptional moving heads include:

Photon Hybrid

It is an all-in-one unique lighting fixture that works as both a beam as well a spot moving head, in addition to having a diffused wash functionality. It comes with two gobo wheels, wide zooming options, a built-in wireless DMX receiver etc. along with an impressive rotating speed and a superior light quality, which together produce beautiful colors.


Kaboom is a wash type moving head with RGBAW + UV color options. Its low power consumption, high efficiency, adjustable electronic strobe and dimmer effect, and 11-60 degree zoom options make it one of the most-sought-after fixtures at present.

Kyros Pro

It is primarily a beam type moving head with a very narrow beam angle of 3 degrees. However, Kyros Pro also offers a spot field and has gobo wheels to produce a projection effect. Compared to the other moving heads in the same category, it is much lighter in weight and has got an amazingly fast rotation speed.


It is one of the finest moving heads of Rasha Professional that produces a high-quality mega wash beam effect. With a minimum beam angle of 12 degrees, this LED moving head has RGBW color mixing and 33 color presets that together produce a truly great effect. For a complete list of Rasha Professional’s products, log on to www.rashaprofessional.com.

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