Create Magic with PAR Can Lights

Lighting literally breathes life into any event. All one requires is a good arsenal of lights, along with a slice of creativity, to leave the audience spellbound. A unique combination of different types of lights like moving heads, par can lights, LED flat par lights, pin spots etc., when used optimally, is sure to cast a spell on your guests.

This blog is about PAR can lights, which are used extensively in concerts, clubs, theatres and DJ parties and how they can be used to create magical effects in a show.

Choosing the Right Diameter

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) can light come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from as small as PAR16 to as big as PAR64. The simple formula to calculate the diameters of these lights is to divide the numerals of a par light by 8. For example, the diameter of PAR16 will be 16 divided by 8 i.e. 2 inches. And for PAR64, the diameter will be 8 inches. Depending on your need, you may calculate the diameter and make a purchase.

How to Get the Perfect Beam Width

The reflector in par can light ensures that the light does not spread out in an incoherent way, and causes the rays of light to converge and form a coherent beam resembling a parabola (oval). Because of this property, these lights got the name Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.

Depending on the geometry of the reflector, one can get beam light of the desired quality. PAR lamps come with different suffixes, which indicate the beam width of the light. For example, par lamps with a suffix CP60 produce a very narrow spot with a beam angle of 12 degrees, whereas CP95 illuminates a very large area as it has a beam angle of 70 degrees.


PAR Can LEDs have literally revolutionized the world of lighting. They come in different colour combinations like RGB, RGBW and RGBWA and help give a general light wash at a background or at big columns, against which they can be joined by being made to facing upward. These lights often come with an adjustable electronic strobe and dimmer effects. Besides being extremely efficient cost wise, there is simply no match for them when it comes to performance.

Besides being used in concerts and clubs, PAR can light have now made a space for themselves in various other places. From illuminating big columns inside party halls to brightening up the pathways leading to certain venues and from being used for architectural purposes to being employed as wash lights, par can light are fast gaining traction.


Rasha Professional, a leading manufacturer and designer of exceptional lights, has a wide range of PAR can light with colour options ranging from RGB to RGBWA. Its LED PAR can light are highly efficient as they consume very little energy and last for over 50,000 hours.

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