Know How You Can Charm Your Audience with Moving Head Lights

Moving heads are one of the most common types of lighting fixtures that are widely used in almost all kinds of events. Be it a musical show, a theatre performance, a product launch or a club, none of them can make do without moving heads.

Technological advancements have completely transformed the lighting industry and one of the products, which have no doubt literally revolutionized the whole game, is moving heads. Being able to produce a variety of lights, moving heads has different features that can be used to alter the look and feel of a stage. Unlike the earlier versions, the latest moving heads are dynamic and come with multiple features, and the effective combination can be used to cast a spell on guests.

Here are some of the ways in which you can leave your audience spellbound:

Use DMX Controller

Having control in one’s hands means having power. DMX controller offers you an easy way to manoeuvre lights the way you want. Besides, moving heads need to be in sync with other fixtures to create a compelling effect.

Whether you want to move a moving head or produce beams of different colours, create a strobe effect or widen a beam’s width, all can be smoothly done using a DMX controller.

Moving Head Lights

The flawless use of DMX is surely going to have a better influence.

Be Creative With Dimming Shutters

Dimming shutters are primarily used to alter the intensity of an emitted light. Moving heads have in them a disk-like element, which has a motor attached to it that can be slid forward or backward for producing strobe effect.

Strobe effect is majorly used in musical events and clubs.

Spread Colors

One of the simplest of ways to make an environment lively is by changing the color of the beams. Though there are various ways of doing this, using dichroic color filters is how one can change a beam color easily. Despite being expensive, they are fast finding acceptance in the lighting industry.

Be Innovative With Irises and Gobos

Irises change the width of a beam. One needs to be innovative with their use and creatively match them up with the change in music and theme. Similarly, different gobos can be used to create magical effects that subtly convey the theme of an event.


Though moving heads lights come with multiple options like pan, tilt, prism rotation etc., yet, through the above-mentioned ways, you can use the lighting device to your advantage more easily.

Moving Head Lights

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