Your Brief Guide to the Magic of Pin Spots

Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”This statement may sound like a cliché; however, one can realize its truthfulness anywhere, anytime.

Bullet Zoom Pin spot lighting

Simplicity is the key and the same holds true for lighting too. Tweaking your lighting to perfection does not involve complexity at all; rather the most simple, yet indispensable of instruments i.e. Pin Spots.

Pin Spots Are Spot On!

Pin spots, as the name suggests, are spot on their target and illuminate the designated place properly to make it stand out from the rest. They are used to light cake tables, decorative objects, buffets, floral arrangements and products on display etc. In short, anything that deserves special attention.

How Pin Spots Works

Pin spots have in them a specialized bulb, which produces a narrow spotlight and without being obtrusive, it highlights only the spot that needs to be illuminated. The installation of pin spots lighting holds the key as the wrong installation may lead to a reduction in the impact of the lights. To make it just perfect, attention must be given to the angle as well as the height at which they are placed.

Pin Spots Draw People’s Attention

Pin Spots are best when it comes to drawing the attention of people. This is absolutely necessary when you are showcasing some of your products or taking part in an exhibition. With pin spots, you can direct the gaze of a visitor wherever you want to.

Pin Spots Wow Viewers

Not everything can be expressed in words. And one such thing is how pin spots affect your overall mood. The feeling, to be very honest, is inexplicable and it uncannily uplifts the mood of a visitor.

Some Features of Pin Spots

Apart from being compact and portable, pin spots have moveable heads that give one an easy option to fix the projection angle of the beam. Nowadays, battery-powered pin spot light are very convenient as it gives you the freedom to move the lights anywhere and place them in the most perfect location, without having to bother about the light source. Remote control offers the ease to change the settings as and when required.

Bullet Zoom Bar Pin spot lighting

Rasha Professional’s wide range of products includes exceptional-quality battery operated pin spots lights that include Bullet Zoom pin Spot and Bullet pin spot bar with Zoom that are good enough to be installed anywhere, be it home, exhibitions, theatres etc.

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