Your Brief Guide to LED Flat Par Lights

Be it live events, discotheques, theatres, music shows or any other grand program, LED flat par lights are the most sought-after lighting solutions. Compared to the traditional incandescent lighting, LED flat par lights are more durable and better in terms of output in addition to being economical operational cost wise. Besides consuming less energy, LED flat par lights to emit very little heat, which makes them ideal for use for long hours. With multiple options like colour mixing, dimming, strobe and pulse effects etc., LED flat par lights to prove to be the best stage lights to woo an audience.

Features of Led Flat Par Lights

Apart from their easy installation, their sleek design and low weight also make them extremely easy to carry and transport from one place to another. They come in various colour options like RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW etc. and every added colour multiplies the effect that these lights are supposed to leave on your audience.

Led flat par Lights

The housing or the casing of the flat par lights is made either of metal or plastic. Though the casing does not impact the lighting quality, it does prove to be crucial when it comes to longevity. Poor-quality plastic does not make them resilient to falls and shocks, and often results in rupturing, which marks the beginning of the deterioration in their lighting. It is always good to shell out a few more bucks and ensure the casing is made of metal and is tough to break.

To keep the temperature under control, most Led flat par lights to rely on inside fans. However, if not managed well, the noise emanating from fast-moving fans becomes annoying. Often, aluminium heat controls boards are used to fix such issues.

The sound activation function should be properly synchronized with electronic strobe, dimmer effects and colour mixer to get the desired output.

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