Basic Architectural Lighting Solutions Every Lighting Enthusiast Must Know

The world of professional lighting is full of technical intricacies and an ocean in itself. Technological advancements continuously result in the emergence of new devices that are better than the existing ones and the cycle keeps on repeating.

This, however, makes it difficult for those with a newfound love for lighting to comprehend what all comprise architectural lighting. Different types of professional lighting solutions are used to create varying effects and it is important to have a basic sense of what the major categories of lights are and what magic they can create.

This blog gives a quick run-down on some of the basic types of architectural lighting that are widely in use these days:

1. Pin Spots Lights

They have a specialized bulb, which produces a narrow beam of light. Pin Spot lights are widely used during exhibitions and events to highlight a product by directing the beam at it. In parties, they are used to illuminate cake tables, trophies etc.

Rasha Architectural Lighting Pinspot Lighting

2. Par Cans Lighting

They are indispensable in concerts, clubs and DJ events. Primarily used to create color mixing along with effects, they are available in varying designs and multiple color options.

3. Moving Head Lights

As the name indicates, they are used to highlight objects in motion. During stage or theater performances, it is necessary to keep the protagonist or anyone who the script demands under the moving head lights. Besides, they are used in DJ events and jam sessions to make the atmosphere sensational.

Rasha Architectural Lighting Moving Head Lights

4. Exterior Lights

If you are planning for an under-the-sky event, exterior lights are a must. The casing of exterior lighting is such that it does not allow dust or water to creep in and protects the light from getting spoiled. In swimming pools or areas where the lights will remain submerged in water, IP65 rating lights should be opted for.

5. LED Flat Par Lights

Majorly used in musical events and discotheques, LED flat par lights are rich in color and are used to produce strobe and dimmer effect. They hold the key in making an environment lively and bright and as LED reduces power consumption, the operational cost is low.

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