5 Things You Need to Know About Stage Lighting

How much impact a stage show makes on the audience depends largely on the nature of lighting that is used. The lighting set-up plays a decisive role in creating the desired mood and tone for any event. And each type of event, venue or scenic element requires a certain style of lighting that matches the ambience and theme. If you’ve been looking for stage lighting, then you must have a good look at these 5 important things to ensure that your audience has a pleasurable viewing experience and goes back with a lasting impression.

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Let’s take a look at the 5 important factors that you need to know about stage lighting:

1.Power Set-Up:

The most fundamental decision that you need to take for your stage lighting is the power set-up you are putting in place. Whether you are renovating the existing set-up of stage lighting or coming up with a completely new construction, it is definitely the most important factor that you need to consider.

2. Type of Stage Segment:

Before selecting the lighting, it is important to decide on the type of stage segment – is it band performance, choir, speech or a drama event? It is obvious that not all stage segments demand the same type of lighting. Stage lighting should always be carefully decided upon based on the specific requirements, theme and budget.

3. Knowledge of state Layout:

Before you start looking for stage lights, it is crucial for you to gather adequate information about the event venue. Proper knowledge of the stage layout is important because it will help you install the right fixtures. Rasha Professional’s LED Flat Par Lights, Pin Spots, Moving Heads and Par Cans work excellently to light up stage shows.

4. Budget for Event Lighting:

With a higher budget, more lights can be used at a stage event. However, more lights don’t translate into better lighting. It is important to look for lights that are integrated with sophisticated features and are cost-effective as well. If you are on a low budget, there are quite a few options to achieve the most suitable stage lighting effects.

5. Pre-Event Testing:

Irrespective of the stage lights that you choose to install, make sure that you carry out a pre-event lighting test. Once the lighting set-up is completed, hire a lighting programmer who can check, test and program the lights using a lighting board. The lighting programmer will ensure that all the lights are working properly.

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Each of these aspects performs a vital function as you seek to direct your audiences attention to where you want them to visually focus on during the course of an event. If you are still searching for perfect stage lighting solutions, Rasha Professional is your one-stop-solution. Apart from stage lighting, the technologically-advanced lights at Rasha Professional are also effectively used in places of worship, theatres, music shows, live events, sports arenas and nightclubs.

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