5 Features to Look for While Buying Moving Head Lights

Whether you are in the entertainment business or part of a band, church, or theater, accessing moving head lights must have been in your wish list. These innovative lighting solutions allow lights to move and create complicated effects. For celebrations, moving head lights can help create the desired color to match the chosen theme. When it comes to theatricals, these lights can change the overall ambience and help bring about a transition from daylight to dusk. Moving head lights, in fact, are the most technologically advanced in the modern lighting spectrum.

Once you have understood the importance of owning moving lights, it’s important to dive into their extensive range of features that specifically cater to the particular requirements you have.

moving head lights

Here are the top 5 features of Moving Head Lights that we need to look for in most cases:

  1. Zoom and Focus: When you spend a hefty amount on a lighting fixture, you definitely want to make sure that it’s highly versatile. Ideally, it is important to look for a moving head light that can zoom in and create a narrow beam effectively. In a similar vein, it should adequately zoom out to become a wash fixture for backdrops or people. The advanced motorized focus must allow you to create a focal point or unfocus the beam coming out of the spot fixtures. With the flexibility in zooming, you will have the option to adjust your changing focal distances.
  2. Level of Noise: Moving head light fixtures make a lot of noise. The main focus should be on the level of noise these lights emit. As these lights are integrated with fans to cool down the lamps and the multiple moving parts, it’s always important to ensure that the fixtures don’t draw unnecessary attention. For instance, if you are using moving head lights in live productions, it shouldn’t be much of a concern. However, if you are using these lights in churches with lower ceilings, you definitely would not like the lighting fixtures to make noise. Considering the level of noise produced by moving head lights is, thus, important.
  3. Brightness: When you invest in moving headlights, make sure that you consider their brightness. If you plan to light up a huge room with radiant lighting, ensure that the fixtures are bright enough to create the desired visual impact. Additionally, when you start adding color filters, you will need more brightness from the moving head lights compared to their traditional counterparts.
  4. Color Mixing: The feature of subtractive and additive color mixing allows you to create multiple colors from your console. Moving head lights, in fact, allows one to cross-fade colors smoothly to create millions of shades. This is another feature of moving headlights you need to be mindful of.
  5. Pan and Tilt: The technologically advanced moving head lights can easily spin and tilt. Most moving head lights convey clearly in degrees how far they can tilt and pan. Thus, depending on your specific requirements, you can select an ideal moving head light for yourself.

If you have decided to upgrade your lighting arrangement, it is advisable to determine the exact features that you’ll need to create an environment that will duly attract the attention of the audience or congregation. The above-mentioned features tend to push the price of a lighting fixture higher. Therefore, identify the exact features you need so that you end up saving a little money by not opting for those things that you do not want.

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