5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is not just about filling up a stage with various lights; the way beams enter and exit a stage can also have a significant impact on the overall vibe of the event. Any kind of stage illumination requires careful planning to ensure that the perfect ambience is created. For this, it is important to identify the common errors that occur in stage lighting and avoid them.

Let’s take a look at the 5 common stage lighting mistakes to avoid:

1. Extreme Color Changes:

Lighting effects create the right ambience; however, extreme color changes can turn out to be an eye-sore. For instance, if there the color red pops up all of a sudden after one just saw blue; it will not be pleasing to the eye. Lighting designers, thus, need to invest in an extensive range of colored gels to create effects that complement each other.

2. Unnecessary Flashing of Lights:

It goes without saying that lights illuminate an object or a person standing on a platform; however, drowning the stage with multiple flashlights could disrupt the theme of the play or the act being performed on it.

3. Inappropriate Timing of Lighting:

Stage lighting must always be based on what’s happening on stage or else, the entire performance may end up looking messy. The general feel too may suffer big time. For example, if a musical band is to be highlighted through blue lights, the color scheme needs to be dim and warm-toned. Bright and flashing illuminations will definitely not serve the purpose here.

4. No New Investment:

If you fail to invest in striking lighting equipment, it can adversely affect the overall design. The market these days is flooded with varied options. Planning your budget carefully can help you decide the number of resources your event will precisely be required in order to be illuminated properly.

5. Not Being Familiar with Lighting Equipment:

Being familiar with the fixtures you use is extremely crucial. It’s, in fact, important to take note of all the lighting equipment. This way, if a product is not functioning adequately, you can have it repaired or replaced before the next show.

It is true that not everyone can create perfect stage lighting. While there are some who lack the required skills and experience, there are also those who overdo it. To avoid the common mistakes, it’s important to first identify the problems and then make a conscious effort to avoid them.

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As lights can play a pivotal role in enhancing every aspect of your stage, make sure you choose the perfect one!

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