4 Ways in which LED Video Screens Improve Stage Designs

The world of events is such that sooner or later, things are bound to become flashier. And stage design is no exception! To stay fresh and innovative, designers constantly make use of different things and strategies to ensure that they keep coming up with extraordinary ideas. The astonishing design is a prerequisite for a remarkable stage production and when you bring LED video screens on board, you definitely take the design aspect to the next level!

Here are 4 ways in which LED video screens enhance stage designs:

1. Improve focus:

It is a given that the prime goal of any event is to entertain and inform the attendees in equal measure. Is there a better way of doing this than by installing LED video screens? If you wish to make LED video screens as the centrepiece of your stage design, you’ll be happy to know that they can also be installed on an entire video wall at the back. These fixtures, in fact, play a major role in capturing the focus of the audience.

2. Help integrate color and texture:

This is one of the most underutilized and overlooked uses of LED screens. Video screens need not always be used as the focal point or for creating massive video walls. They could also be utilized to add color and texture throughout a design. This definitely helps in accentuating the entire ambience.

3. Allow the addition of details:

What if your video serves as a window into another world? LED video screens, in fact, give one the opportunity to completely change the setting of a stage. Doing so supports the design of your sets and it also allows you to add little details that can instantly make everything seem real.

4. Assist in making virtual additions to stage design:

Ranging from projection mapping, multi-screens to environmental projection, video screens can help add a virtual element to any stage design. They provide an excellent opportunity to add an exciting element to your stage design if you would not like it to be static. For instance, you could have a picture frame wherein the pictures keep changing or maybe a statue that is a character in a play. In fact, an entire set can be created in a virtual world that you place yourself in.

A Note of Advice: LED video screens may be slightly expensive, to begin with; however, the costs are recovered through reduced maintenance costs. Precisely, LED video screens may cost 15% to 20% more than projectors but they don’t require the same amount of upkeep. Thus, you automatically save more money in the long run.

Led video display screen - stage lighting

In the case of live events and stage shows, visual aids can considerably improve the experience of the audience and ensure the whole thing is a success. When used adequately, LED video screens always make an incredible impact and draw a high degree of participation from the audience. Again, from the perspective of business, LED video screens provide an easy-to-use sponsorship vehicle and good branding opportunities. These screens can not only be the centre of focus for the audience but also magnify the above-stated advantages. Therefore, go for these lightweight, premium products for a heightened experience.

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