4 Incredibly Useful Tips for Theater Lighting

Theater lighting has a significant influence on the audience’s experience. It is theater lighting that can simulate multiple moods, show happiness, suggest intensity, and enhance the experience of the audience in many other ways. Even years before the advent of modern technology, lighting has always played a crucial role in theater (Greek amphitheatres and Shakespearean plays).

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Though you may not have heard anyone in the audience exclaiming ‘amazing stage lighting’, this doesn’t mean that stage lighting plays any lesser role. If you are a member of theater lighting crew, here are 4 useful tips for awakening theater magic:

1. Familiarize with the play to be staged:

Being a part of the lighting crew, you may not be familiarized with the play. It is, therefore, important to acquaint thoroughly with the mood, characters and definitely the message of the play. Comprehending the intensity of each dialogue and scene will help you to exactly figure out the kind of lighting required. Using the right lighting will bring life to the characters!

2. Identify your ideal lighting equipment:

Before you start selecting a lighting system, it is important to get acquainted with all the modern lighting systems that are flooded in the market. Thinking of creative alternatives is one of the most suitable options. A complete research will help you to identify the most suitable lighting equipment that caters to your specific requirement and budget. Some of the lights popularly used in theater lighting include moving head lights, par cans, wireless LED, pin spots, and many more.

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3. Make use of colored theater lighting:

Did you know that colored stage lighting first came into existence in the Shakespearean times when lights were filtered through brightly-hued silk clothes? These days, multiple colored LEDs create amazing color combinations. This is basically done through a fixture that emits three different colors – red, blue, and green which is ideally blended together to give different color choices. Some of these also create software customized effect.
It is true that the human psychology links each color with particular emotions. For instance; red color is associated with energy and warmth. Similarly, cool colors such as green, blue, and purple have a more somber effect.

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4. Add Special Effects and Patterns:

Modern-day LED lights to have the capability of turning normal lights into interesting patterns and add special effects to theater performances. Advanced Gobos can easily mimic trees, flowered wallpapers, starry sky, and even stain-glass windows. By using these special lights, you can save both money and time in creating these features.The fog machine is also a great way to create special effects on stage and is popularly being used for stage lighting.

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There are multiple types of theatrical lighting fixtures that are used for creating a special atmosphere. You can also customize the lights for the specific performance on stage. While there are varied options for stage lighting but starting off simple is important. By following the above-stated tips, it will get much easier to choose the perfect light that sets in the adequate mood in the theater!

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