3 Things You Should Always Consider While Choosing Outdoor Lights

Performing in an open-air theatre/stadium is always thrilling. A moonlight gig, coupled with the twinkling of the stars, adds an uncanny bliss to the revelry of both the audience as well as the performer. However, outdoor events come with the challenge of choosing suitable exterior lighting fixtures that can withstand harsh weather conditions and the unpredictability associated with them. The fact that the lights will be exposed to extreme temperatures, rain and dust make it imperative to choose the lighting products for your events wisely.

Outdoor lights are also known as waterproof/weatherproof lights and this blog gives you a quick run-down of the 3 important aspects you must always consider while choosing such lights for your events:

1. High Ingress Protection (IP) Rating

As the lighting fixtures will be operating out in the open, they are bound to navigate their way through heat and cold and must manage to keep dust and water at bay. Any scope for water to creep in may damage the lights completely.

This issue can be resolved by checking the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of a lighting fixture. Different IP ratings correspond to protection against different kinds of ingresses in different situations. The most common types of IP ratings are:

IP65 – Dustproof and provides protection when water is projected from a nozzle.
IP66 – Dustproof and provides protection against powerful jets of water.
IP67 – Dustproof and provides protection against immersion.

IP65 is a suitable rating that can prevent a lighting fixture from rain/snow and lights with such a rating are commonly used in the majority of events.

2. Wireless or Wired? Decide As Per the Availability of Power Source

Though both wired and wireless lights may be used for outdoor lighting, yet it is always better to make a choice depending on the easy availability of the power source. Most of the time, using wired exterior lights becomes cumbersome because of the hassles associated with finding a power source. Besides, the entangled web of wires makes it inconvenient and unsafe for the people milling around.

Wireless exterior lights give you the freedom to work your way, without being tied to any power source, which sometimes does force you to change the location of your fixtures.

3. Go for LED Fixtures Instead of Fluorescent Ones

Operating cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing the lights for your events. LED fixtures, when compared with incandescent fluorescent lights, fare exceptionally better in terms of performance and are also cheaper.

Your decision to go for LED lighting fixtures will surely pay off. Besides, you must also consider the intensity of the light you require. For example, do check if you require a 500W exterior LED or 100W would also do. It would be unwise to go for higher power consuming lights when you actually don’t need one.
Inspect your venue well and asses your requirements. It will help you cut down your operational cost.

Rasha Professional Exterior waterproof Lighting

Using low-quality lights can prove to be detrimental to the success of your event as lighting literally infuses life into any gathering. Hence, it becomes pivotal that you buy lights from a trusted source.
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