Automated Lights

Moving Head Lights are meant to offer intelligent lighting solutions for live productions, memora...

Moving Head Lights are meant to offer intelligent lighting solutions for live productions, memorable events, and installations in clubs. They produce a variety of lights and look more interesting in the haze. By letting you move the focus positions or pallets, moving head lights help alter the look on stage with a little bit of programming.

The phenomenal Rasha moving head lights are available in LED and Halogen bulb fixtures, which provide an ultimate lighting experience. These moving head lights are separated into different categories namely spot, wash effect and beam effect. The innovative wash effect fixtures feature an adequate mixing of colors and are bright due to the efficient optical pathway. Also, some of these specifically designed moving head lights are available in Hybrids, which have all the features in a fixture.

Prior to the advent of moving head lights, lighting designers across the globe were not quite satisfied with the performance of LED devices, mainly because of the incomplete color range, lack of consistency and poor color rendering index. All these limitations have been successfully overcome by the innovative moving head lights and now it is finally possible to produce varied colors, nuances, and shades of premium quality. With a longer lifespan compared to an incandescent bulb, Rasha’s moving head lights make for an energy-efficient investment.

Benefits of Automated Lights

  • Uniform color mixing to consider most demanding applications
  • Impressive brightness and perfection
  • Superior light quality
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rapid and convenient movement

If you are in the entertainment business and run a band or a theater, moving lights can be a great option for you. These technologically advanced lights will allow the changes on a set to happen more quickly and keep the power demand low. When it comes to moving lights, there are indeed multiple options but it is important that before buying them, you carefully contemplate your specific requirements and choose the right product that caters to your particular needs.

Rasha’s moving head lights offer a range of benefits that can help you to improvize your business in terms of efficiency, artistic taste, and environmental impact! Apart from moving head lights, the extensive collection of Rasha LED lights carries prolonged warranty and comes with its own set of unique advantages.

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