2 in 1 Cybrid Road Case

2in1 Cybrid Road Case By Rasha Professional 

  • Ample Storage Room. 
  • Securely Locked-in Gears. 
  • Dual Handles 

An ideal way to transport of Cybrid moving head fixtures. Central storage space provides ample room for cabling and essential accessories. Tall lid lets you leave hanging brackets attached to save the time during setup and teardown. Stackable design and locking casters make loading and unloading painless. keep your gear securely locked in the cases and won’t bounce open on accident. Dual handles on each side make carrying and stacking conveniently.


Dimensions 25 x 26.5 x 16.25 In
Weight 46.7 Lbs
Weight with Equipment's 101.2 Lbs


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